Media and technology are really impacting today’s children, especially when you consider that 42 percent of young children have a television set in their bedrooms. Children two years and younger spend over twice as much time watching TV (53 minutes per day) as they do reading books (23 minutes per day). You’d think they get a break from TV at the daycare center, but 70 percent of daycare centers use a TV during a typical day.

Parents do seem to be concerned—73 percent say they would like to limit their children’s TV watching, and two-thirds have talked to their children about the dangers associated with social media sites. Top parental concerns of social media’s impact on kids include violation of privacy, inappropriate sexual behavior, cyber bullying, identity theft/fraud, and dwindling ambition. While 79 percent of teachers use media and technology as teaching tools, they, too, have their concerns. According to teachers, some of the areas hurt by media usage include students’ attention span, communication, and writing skills.

Do you think media and technology have done more harm than good for America’s youth? Please share in the comments, and check out the infographic below presented by

How Is Media Affecting Kids?
Source: Early Childhood Education Degrees

Media, Technology, and Today’s Young Children [Infographic] 1


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