While a medical career is generally looked at as being one of the most financially rewarding, doctors today aren’t getting to see a whole lot of their paychecks – they’re going toward paying for the education that helped them to where they are now. Over 85% of students and physicians have debt from medical school, on top of 55.4% of students and physicians who have debt from their undergraduate studies. That is a lot of doctors in debt.


The cost of school influences many decisions that health care professionals have to make every day. Among these are choosing a specialty, choosing what kind of practice to have, where to live, whether or not to buy a home and whether or not to have children are all decisions that can change based on how much student debt a doctor has accumulated.

In this infographic, The Student Doctor Network takes a look at how, despite landing in a great career, healthcare professionals are living with the burden of their educations.




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