It might seem like celebrities and rehab go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, addiction is a very real and serious disease–celebs are just in the spotlight more so compared to the average Joe. Rehabilitation is an ongoing, lifelong process since there’s no “cure” for an addiction. Instead, rehab helps people (including celebrities) learn to live with the disease.

Slips can happen at any time, and a person who’s an addict is always in recovery. From alcohol (which is also a drug) to cocaine, there are seemingly endless drugs people may become addicted to. Here’s a look at three celebrities recently in rehab. Hopefully, they learned from their experience and now have the tools to identify triggers and control their addiction in the future.

1. Cory Monteith

Best known for his role as Finn on “Glee,” Cory Monteith entered rehab in April 2013 for substance abuse. Exactly what this “substance” is has been kept a secret, but Monteith did complete a full month of rehab after checking himself into the facility. Post-rehab, Montheith was spotted with Glee and real-life girlfriend Lea Michele vacationing in Mexico. He’s been somewhat vocal about his substance abuse issues on Twitter, but keeps the details private.

2. Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day’s lead singer entered rehab in August 2012 for alcohol and prescription drug abuse. He claims he’s a “blackout drinker,” but the prescription addiction began when he sought chemical help for his constant insomnia. In a Rolling Stone article, Armstrong details the painful side effects of going cold turkey in rehab and, although it’s been nearly a year, he says he still has to fight the cravings for alcohol.

3. Lindsay Lohan (Again)

What hasn’t Lindsay Lohan been in rehab for? Most recently, in March 2013, she entered rehab for the sixth time for her addiction to cocaine and Adderall. However, it’s reported that she invited her (former?) drug dealer to visit her in rehab–thankfully, that request was denied. This time around, she’s in the Betty Ford clinic and all reports say that she’s adjusting well, has two roommates, and has been attending all one-on-one and group sessions.

Rehab isn’t a quick fix, nor is it guaranteed to “work” for every person. An addict has to want help, be ready to control the addiction and make the most of the experience. There are some people, such as Lindsay Lohan in the past, who are forced into rehab or enter willingly assuming it will be an easy ride. People get out of rehab what they put into it.



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