The state of television today is very different than when your parents and grandparents were youngsters. Back in 1952, it was considered too risqué to say the word “pregnancy”—yet the highly popular “I Love Lucy” did it when introducing Little Ricky. Have you ever seen a belly button on TV? In 1965, Jeannie, Ginger, and Mary Ann were not allowed to expose their belly buttons on air. It wasn’t until 1975 that the nation was exposed to belly buttons on air. Chery’s naval was shown nationwide in the pilot episode of “Cher.”

In 1973, the country got its first taste of on air female nudity when 24 PBS affiliates carried the program “Steambath” where actress Valerie Perrine was completely naked. Then in 1991, L.A. Law featured a prolonged kiss between two female lawyers—this would become the first lesbian kiss on national TV. Ten years laters, the word “shit” would be repeated more than 160 times in an episode of South Park.

Do you like the state of television in America today? Please share in the comments, and to learn more—check out the infographic below.

The Liberazliation of TV Source: The Liberalization of TV



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