Online Giving: Is it right for your Church? If your Church is interested in earning an extra weeks worth of tithes and offerings each month, it is.

Eighty-one percent of American adults use the Internet, and electronic payment transactions have increased 9.3 percent each year from 2006 to 2009 while 6.1 billion fewer checks were paid. Of churches whose average worship attendance is over 500, 55 percent of their offerings came from online giving.

Online giving fosters financial health in the church. A common trend of churches who were exceeding their annual budget for tithes and offerings includes offering online giving, and accepting automatic recurring donations. With recurring donations, the irregular givers in the church can become regular givers. This is particularly helpful during the summer slump, the months during which church giving is the most inconsistent.

If you do not want to frustrate those who want to give, but no longer use checks or cash, check out the infographic below to learn more.
Online Giving: Is it right for your church? [Infographic]
Online Giving: Is it right for your church? [Infographic]
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