Travelling is, in my opinion, one of the great joys in life. However, it can be a little stressful when if some of the essential items go missing or forget to get packed. I have a pretty comprehensive list of my absolute must-haves whenever I travel anywhere.

1. Charger

Obviously, we have to remember our phone chargers, but it’s important to toss in all of the other chargers for any of the other devices we take with us when we travel. And if traveling via airport, toss in a power strip. If all of the outlets are taken, it’s easy to just go up to someone sitting over by the outlet, and ask to plug in the strip. Then everyone has power and it’s a good day at the airport. If traveling internationally, make sure to chuck in the power adapters for the other countries. And if road tripping, make sure to have a charger in the car. And for all of those travellers who like quirky DIY projects, make a Altoids tin USB charger.

2. Shower stuff

Now, I know that traveling with liquids can be a little bit of a hassle, but having the things we’re used to can make a big difference when traveling, especially for those of us with sensitive skin. Travel-size bottles are good for short trips, and toss the full-size version into a Ziploc and put them in the suitcase.

3. GPS

Back in the olden days, I would have said to make sure to have a map, but then again, if this were the olden days, it wouldn’t be a blog. But anyways – being able to navigate the place we’re traveling to is a must. There’s more than one way to get this info – a GPS unit for the car, various GPS and map apps for iPhone and Android, the whole nine. Also, for the more outdoorsy travelers, make sure to have maps and information about the trails or woods or rivers or wherever.

4. A variety of bags for different excursions

Keeping in mind that traveling usually involves multiple activities, make sure to take options. This isn’t just for the ladies, either; there is a variety of men’s accessories when it comes to bags – backpacks, messenger bags, purses, and so on. Some bags are more stylish, some more functional, and some better for traveling. However, if switching bags, make sure to transfer over all the essentials (like the ones listed!)

5. Snacks

I’m kind of a health food nut, and so eating while traveling can be a little dicey. Usually when I get to my destination, I’m alright, but the en route part can be difficult. I pack my favorite healthy snacks to have with me when I’m on the go. Also, when it is possible to find healthy food in the airport, it costs an arm and a leg to buy.



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