If you’re like most Americans, you probably commute to work or school. But do you know how your commute impacts your carbon footprint? Close to 30 percent of the greenhouse gases released in the United States come from transportation. Each gallon of gasoline burned in an average car’s engine blows 19.4 lbs. of carbon dioxide out of the exhaust and directly into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Some 86 percent of all workers over the age of 16 drive a car, truck, or van to work, and 76 percent of these workers drive alone, which does not help the environment. We need to stop with this S.O.V. (single occupant vehicle) madness. More Americans should follow in the footsteps of those who have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint—10 percent of American workers carpool; five percent of American workers use public transportation to get to work; less than one percent of American workers bicycle to work; and three percent of Americans walk to work.

If you must drive, hybrids are better than other options—for now. To learn more about how you can green your commute, check out the infographic below presented by CheapCarInsurance.net.


Change Your Commute, Reduce Your Carbon Footprint [Infographic] 1



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