Small business owners face a host of point of sale vulnerabilities that they may never have been aware of. Let’s set the scene first—in 2012, the retail industry made up 45 percent of data breach investigations, the highest percentage in retail history. E-commerce sites were the most common target, accounting for 48 percent of all investigations. The scary part is that it took 64 percent of businesses more than 90 days to detect intrusion, and the overall average was 210 days.

Hackers have their eyes set on small businesses—63 percent of 2010 cyber attacks were at companies with 100 employees or fewer, and 95 percent of credit card breaches are on small business customers, according to Vista’s estimates. According to the Payment Card Industry, Security Standards Council many businesses neglect to implement basic security measures. Limited budgets and limited tech experts on staff doesn’t help at all. Many business owners neglect IT security, resulting in such things as an unprotected Wi-Fi network. Access controls should be placed around a wired network. Network scans by an ASV can help close network holes and vulnerabilities.

To learn more about point of sale vulnerabilities business owners should be well aware of, check out the infographic below presented by MerchantWarehouse.

Where is Your Point of Sale System Vulnerable - InfographicBrought to you by Merchant Warehouse


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