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5 Unique Ideas for Your First Baby Shower

If you are planning a baby shower, you may want all your hard work to really stand out from all other baby showers guests have attended before. From the moment your baby invitations are sent – you can set the atmosphere!  Here are 5 unique ideas for your first baby shower that guests are sure to not forget:

1. Make the Shower a Spa Day

One of the coolest unique ideas for your first baby shower is to make the event into a day or pampering for the expectant mom and all involved. Ask local spas about hosting your shower, special packages for groups, and even if you could decorate a private room for your big day. Most spas are more than willing to host events, and baby showers are no different. Plus, this will give all the guests a present, as well.

2. Serve Cocktails


Of course the expectant mother cannot imbibe, but that does not mean that others can’t. Try fruity or iced drinks for hot summer showers, or spiked hot cocoa or warm cocktails for winter showers. The best thing about cocktails is that they can also be made without alcohol for the expectant mother, or anyone else at the party who would like to forgo drinking. This gives your baby shower a unique, modern, adult edge.

3. Invite the Guys Over

Inviting those of both genders to the baby shower is a great way to get everyone in the family involved. After all, the expectant dad no doubt wants to show his support. Just be sure to invite a few guys over, including some of the expectant father’s friends. By inviting more than just the expectant father, you can allow the male guests to have others there to talk to.

4. Let Kids Tag Along

Another trend is to let those with families, including younger children, bring their kids along. You may want to avoid this if having cocktails or doing a spa day unless you have a kid friendly area where they may all gather and play. Let kids complete crafts, play together, and have your shower outside instead of indoors.

5. Buy Unique Gifts

By buying unique gifts, you not only help the expectant family, but also guarantee they will remember the shower. Purchase baby photo session gift certificates, make your own gifts, give books for baby and mom, or think of practical gifts that others would not think of.

Heather is an amateur party planner – the self-proclaimed ‘binder ninja’!  She occasionally consults on party etiquette and ideas for PaperStyle, and recently started her own party planning blog, Party Smarty Online.

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