Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Adolf Hitler and Pope Gregory XV all had one particular thing in common – they made major use of propaganda.

Disney and Dr. Seuss are beloved in the world of children’s literature and film, but before they both used their success to support the war effort of WWII, to convey social messages, and to fight against racism and anti-semitism.

Dr. Seuss’ political caricatures weren’t always “politically correct” by today’s standards and his progressive outlook is displayed among both his propaganda and his children’s books.
Disney created animated propaganda during WWII in order to educate Americans about their enemies. Characters like Donald Duck were used in his political shorts.

Propaganda is now more prevalent than ever due to the number of media sources. Publications have been used heavily in conflict in the Middle East while North Korea uses propaganda to sway the hearts and minds of their people.

In this infographic, WordFocus examines propaganda from its birth to now and how a few men used it to change the world.

Source: WordFocus.com


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