Back in the 50s, when the only thing booming faster than babies was the housing industries, the suburb was quickly replacing city living and farming communities. Ushering in the modern age, having a house was simply enough for young, growing families. At a respectable average of 1,000 square feet per house in 1950, that size has more than doubled by 2010.

Not to mention the costs of all this living. Now, 70 percent of American children live in households where all adults are employed in order to pay off that $152,000 house. In 1950, the cost of a home was just $8,450 and only 22 percent of income was spent on mortgages and property tax.

It may seem that we’ve got it made, but really we’re just working harder for a bigger house that we spend less and less time in. Almost everything has increased since 1950 from obesity rates to calorie consumption, but the average hours of sleep a night has dropped an hour and half. Our kitchens have grown larger too, as well as how often we go out to eat.

Check out this infographic below to see how our upgraded homes have downgraded our lives.

Is Your McMansion Killing You? [Infographic] 1
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