Interested in making a successful, profitable mobile app? Just understand that you have a big challenge ahead of you. The app markets are highly saturated, and very few apps are able to accumulate many downloads—only one in six smartphone apps exceed 500 total downloads. About 75 percent of apps earn the developers less than $500 per month.

Don’t worry—StartApp recently looked at top app developers on the Google Play Store to find out what sets their apps apart from the rest. Incorporating social features within apps adds significant value and playing live with real people ensures a diverse experience. One of the most popular mobile apps we can all learn from is Words With Friends, a Scrabble style word game. The app boasted 7.5 billion minutes of playtime in December 2012 alone. The app allows players to simultaneously play with up to 20 friends or strangerous. Some 82 percent of players feel more connected to friends and family thanks to Word With Friends.

Other popular apps include Blood Brothers, Minecraft, Dragonplay Poker, and Candy Crush Saga. To learn more about what sets these apps apart from the rest, check out the infographic below!
Top Grossing Android Apps


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