How to Think Like a Celebrity When Buying a Birthday Gift

I know that buying birthday presents is always something that causes for me. I never know if the person is going to like what I buy them, and I feel like most people already have enough stuff. And for those people who think that their friends or family have everything, try getting creative. Celebrities who buy gifts for each other really have to think outside of the box.

1. Pets

One of Justin Bieber’s friends bought him a monkey. The friend owned a monkey, and the Biebs showed an affinity for the animal, so the friend bought Justin his own. However, the little monkey got detained in Germany while the pop star was on tour, but that’s a different story. The point is, buying a pet for someone can be a great gift…but it comes with a caveat. Make sure that the person receiving the pet actually, well, wants a pet. If the pet is for a kid, check with the parents/guardians first to make sure its okay. And, if possible, get a rescue animal and give it a good home.

2. A getaway

Sure, Beyonce bought Jay-Z an island in the Florida Keys, Katy Perry bought Russell Brand a trip to space, and Angelina bought Brad his own waterfall to build a house on. Places to escape the never-ending paparazzi mayhem are high on celebrities’ lists, but let’s be honest – we all want to get away from the grind. For all of us non-celebrities, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. A nice massage, a “stay-cation“, or a weekend getaway (depending on the budget) are all great ideas for that special someone.

3. Customize

David Beckham (now a retiree) gave his wife Victoria a wine bottle with her name on it for her birthday. But it didn’t end there – the bottle was only a prop he used to tell her that he’d bought her a vineyard in Napa Valley. Although most of us can’t afford an entire business establishment for our loved ones, Becks has the right idea. Buying a gift that has a personal or customized touch goes a long way. Try to shop on sites like this when trying to get custom gifts that don’t involve acquiring real estate.

4. Food

Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum shelled out for 366 designer cupcakes for bestie Victoria Beckham (she’s quite the lucky girl). The supermodel splurged for a cupcake every day for a year from an exclusive bakery frequented by the stars. Now, I’m not suggesting that we feed our friends for a year. But food gift ideas include cooking a nice meal for a loved one, or splurging on a food or drink item they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Cooking classes or a wine tasting (perhaps at David and Victoria’s vineyard) are also pretty good options.

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