Some people put in their request to forward packages and expect everything to be smooth sailing. That’s rarely the case 100 percent of the time, especially when people choose a less than reputable service. Even the big players like the USPS can make mistakes, and unfortunately recipients don’t always realize that their packages have gone MIA. Is there a way around this?

When choosing a package forwarding service, ask for statistics (like the percentage of lost packages) and consider customer testimonials. After all, packages contain invaluable things such as legal documents, heirlooms and other items that might be irreplaceable. Moving is inevitable for some people, but that doesn’t mean they have to go without their mail. Here are 5 of the most common problems when it comes to forwarding packages.

1. Late Warnings

It’s not always the forwarding service’s fault that packages don’t make it to their new destination. Companies need warning time, even the post office, so aim for at least a two-week notice. Nobody can be expected to start forwarding packages with a 24-hour notice, so consider things from the company’s perspective. Giving fair warning helps ensure packages get to their right destination.

2. Messy Directions

Nowadays, many forwarding forms are online, but there are still hand-written options. This can make things tricky, especially since handwriting is no longer revered. There’s also more room for human error, such as a zip code that’s just one number off. When hand-writing requests, use block letters and double check addresses.

3. Not Looking Beyond the Price

If a person is paying for package servicing, don’t go by value alone. Check testimonials, ask for statistics and choose a reputable company. A great deal isn’t so great when the forwarding fails.

4. International Matters

Shipping internationally brings in an entirely different slew of issues. Strange addresses or none at all (such as in Costa Rica) make it extremely challenging. If moving overseas, get the equivalent of a PO Box, even if it’s a little less convenient.

5. The Big Delay

There are many reasons why forwarded packages might be delayed, but it’s a common complaint. To avoid this, give the company as much warning as possible and get a written statement of how much of a delay, if any, is to be expected. Is it acceptable?

The best way to ensure proper forwarding is by choosing a reputable company like Parcel Bound. Fast, affordable and with a proven track record, these companies are committed to serving their customers.



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