We’re pretty well familiar with smokestacks and turbines—they are commonly accepted tokens of energy production. Curious about what else is out there today? We need to first understand what exactly a watt is. It’s a measurement of power to achieve an amount of work to be done over a period of time.

One of the coolest non-traditional sources of energy available today is the Epiphany onE Puck, a drink coaster that charges your cell phone. The device works with both hot and cold drinks. Are you a coffee drinker? As of this year, there are an estimated 169.5 million regular coffee drinkers in the U.S. who consume an average of over three cups of coffee a day. If those coffee drinkers would just put one of their cups of coffee on the onE puck, they would generate 847 megawatts of power. To put that into perspective—that’s the amount of electricity it takes to power 270,400 homes.

Another amazing energy source is the InStep NanoPower, an inexpensive and simple high-power energy harvester that is capable of converting mechanical energy to electrical power. To learn how adults in the U.S. could generate as much power as the largest nuclear facility plant in the country, check out the infographic below. energy


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