As we start to understand more about the patterns of addiction, we see that it’s not always so black and white and that addiction comes in many shapes and sizes. In human beings, all behaviors are choices, and addiction can blur the lines between want and need. Untreated addictions can not only lead to broken and strained relationships with family and friends, but lasting psychological damage.

Society recognizes the need to treat certain addictions over others. Fourteen million Americans abuse alcohol and two million are addicted to cocaine, making them not only infamous, but widespread.

However, even the most seemingly benign addictions can cause serious damage. Some overlooked and unrecognized addictions include work, shopping, sex, and food. Misunderstood for what they really are, friends and family can even play a big role in supporting these addictions, not realizing that’s what they are.

All addictions follow the same addiction pattern, whether it’s drinking or shopping, whether it takes 2 weeks or 2 years. Check out the infographic below to learn more about addiction.

Rogue Addictions - No I Do Not Have a Problem
Image compliments of Best Addictions Counseling Degrees


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