He said he would.


After winning the 2013 NCAA championship, Louisville coach Rick Pitino came through on this promise to his team and recently got his very own ink.

Coach wasn’t fearing the pain of the needlework. When asked, Pitino stated…

“It wasn’t even close to the pain I had with kidney stones,” Pitino said. “That was like an ‘A’ in pain, this was a ‘C.'”

The design was coach’s too – the Louisville “L,” “2013,” “NCAA Champions” and the team’s final record of 35-5.


As far as the parlor that did the work, enter Adam Potts with an ingenious entrepreneurial idea.

Adam Potts has lived in Louisville his entire life, so as the owner of a tattoo shop in town, Tattoo Salvation, he saw this as an opportunity. He sent a letter to Pitino saying he’d be interested in doing the work and the kicker, per Potts,¬†“I was running a free special for any Hall of Fame coaches who won an NCAA championship in the last 30 days.” So yeah, the tattoo was free for Pitino.

Coach Rick Pitino Gets His Tattoo 1

Video courtesy of UofL Athletics



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