Aid is very much needed for students, business leaders, and entrepreneurs—how will they navigate the future of job creation, growth, and emerging industries? You can expect the manufacturing industry to reverse itself, which should provide much needed relief. Mass customization and new technologies like 3D printing and low-cost computer-aided design will enable rapid prototyping and production to take place not only “in America” but “in the home,” especially as it relates to the healthcare industry.

Rural businesses will grow as well—rural areas will see expansion of opportunity as new destination travel experiences focus on local strengths. Farm-to-table movement will continue to open up new market spaces as it relates to restaurants and organic or local food products. Technology will allow for mobility in the service industries and industries like 3D printing will excel as individuals take the ability to design and create from anywhere.

To find out what all this really means for you, check out the infographic by Zurich!




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