Have you thought about donating blood? Among non-donors, the most common reasons people cite for not doing so are, “never thought about it” and “I don’t like needles.” Yet, chances are you or someone you love will need a blood transfusion in their lives. Sickle cell, cancer, transplant and cardiac bypass patients are among the one in four Americans who will need a transplant at some point in their lives.


Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll get for knowing you’ve saved up to three lives with your donation, donors also get a free mini-physical. The whole process takes 15 minutes, so eligible donors should get out there and shed some blood. Of course, a number of factors may be preventing you from eligibility. If you’ve been traveling abroad and there is a risk of contracting Malaria, for example, you may have to wait one to three years.

In this infographic, InsuranceQuotes.com takes an in-depth look at the numbers surrounding blood donations, as well as the truth about who can donate.

Blood donation: The hidden truth about who can give [Infographic]

From: Bankrate Insurance’s InsuranceQuotes.com



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