[is-gateway name=”HicksNewMedia” id=”INFOtainmentNews”]Women have a bad reputation for being a danger on the road, but are they really? According to a study from University of Michigan, 6.5 million car crashes happen when both drivers are women. This accounts for 20.5 percent of all crashes. Accidents with two male drivers make up 31.9 percent of all crashes and accidents with a male and a female make up 47.6 percent of all crashes. Women are actually 27 percent less likely to cause auto accidents than men.


While female drivers are more likely to use a cell phone while driving and 1/5 of female drivers admit to putting on makeup while driving, men are guilty of dangerous activity as well. Men are found to be more likely to drive 25 mph over the speed limit and to get on the roof of a moving car.

In this infographic, Shift Insurance takes a look at women drivers and whether they present a real danger on the road.

Are Women Bad Drivers?

Source: Shift Insurance


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