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There are many authentic Mexican drinks which are very much popular in Mexico. These are too much loved by the people in Mexico and around the globe. These are some of the exotic drinks which are being found in the world. These could be made from some alcohols or maybe even with milk with added fruits and some nuts. All the drinks have their own taste own color, own flavor and each one of them are too unique. These drinks are crafted in such a way that these are worth tasting. So whenever you get a chance to go to Mexico never miss the exotic drinks. They will surely make your visit worth it. They are so much popular and look so good that you can’t resist your temptation to have them. So whenever there is a chance you must have them in the street vendors and in the famous bars and restaurants.

Here is some information about some of those exotic drinks which surely can bring mouth in your water.

  1. Margarita: Yes! Margaritas are the authentic Mexican drinks. But still this great business of the fruits which are being blended and mixed with ice and some sour which are being bottled crappy has really got to go. A margarita is nothing but a great mixture of triple Sec, tequila and some lime juice. The proportions may vary but the most official recipe is that it has 7 parts of the tequilla, 4 parts of the triple Sec and 3 parts of the lime juice which is served on the rocks but a salted rim is optional. You will not find any mangoes, or strawberries. You will even do not find any blenders and last but not the least there is no cuvero Gold. You must use a real tequila and one that is marked as 100% due agave but there is no need to splurge, you may not need any 50$ – a – fifth sipping tequila to make this drink and enjoy its divine flavor.
  2. Michelada: so what is your favorite? Beer? Then try a Michelada, a version of the MayMexican drink which is also popularly known as service preparada, which contains some mixed hot sauce and a few drops of the popular Worcestershire sauce which is being added by salt or some lime. You may pour a bit into the bottom in the glass of the beer and then fill up to the top of the glass with the beer. You just put your hand off from the Corona and you must get yourself a dark and nice beer which may be NegraModelo for this type of drink. If you ever get a chance to visit L.A. county, incidentally then you must have micheladas in the glasses rimmed with some mixture of the chile ground up and salted maguey, which will make these authentic Mexican drinks a damn good one and will surely beat any drink in this world.

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Authentic Mexican Drinks around the World 2


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