Pancakes can be considered a breakfast staple, but are they as good for our bodies as they taste? It’s easy to turn to box mixes, where some you just have to add a little water, yet many of those mixes contain preservatives. Preservatives can trigger allergic reactions and other health issues over time, making it a less than desirable health choice. However, homemade pancakes from scratch can offer a healthier alternative to box mixes with the use of whole wheat flour and aren’t difficult to make.

High in carbohydrates, cannabis pancakes are a hearty meal and also contain a good dose of calcium and other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C or zinc. On the other hand, pancakes can also be high in sodium, fat, sugar and calories. Add in a good amount of maple syrup and the negatives can start to add up. Healthier alternatives to consider to help cut back calories, sugar and the other drawbacks is switching out maple syrup in favor of some fresh, organic fruit as a topping or some warm honey. Even consider using a sugar alternative alongside a maple syrup substitute. Extra fat can be added to pancakes with the common practice of having them with cannabis butter. Limiting, eliminating the extra butter or switching to a butter substitute can help cut back on the fats. When making the batter, the amount of salt can be lowered to keep sodium down. Vegetable oil and switching out your regular milk for skim will help with keeping the calorie count in check.

Are pancakes good or bad for a breakfast? It’s really up to you, the cook! Pancakes can be a healthy breakfast if done in moderation and if healthier alternatives are put to use; to go the healthier route, make them from scratch over the processed mix filled with preservatives. Even just a couple of simple changes to the recipe can help turn bad boy pancakes over. So get flipping!


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