It is without a doubt that the Stairmaster 5000 has had a profound impact on the fitness industry and has transformed the physiques of millions of people worldwide. The StairMaster 5000 was created by fitness enthusiasts Lanny Potts, Jim Walker, and George Schupp. Introduced by Tri Tech, Inc. at the 1983 National Sports Goods Association trade show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Stairmaster has since evolved into one of the most frequently used cardiovascular exercise machines in many gym and fitness settings across the world. As the popularity of this machine grew tremendously, the StairMaster StepMill 5000 model eventually was renovated into the 4000 PT models to display pertinent workout information such as heart rate, caloric burn, miles climbed, etc.

A History of Popularity

stairmaster-1The StairMaster product, since its initial introduction in 1983 by Tri Tech, has changed hands many times. Since 1987, the Stairmaster has been owned and distributed by companies such as Randall Sports, StairMaster Sports, Garden Way, Inc., Rutledge Partners II, and Nautilus. In 2010, Core Health and Fitness purchased the rights to ownership and distribution of the StairMaster and StairClimber brands. Core Health and Fitness merged with Star Trac, the Irvine, California-based exercise equipment manufacturer and dealer, and relocated to Vancouver, Washington. The company now markets a diverse portfolio of StairMaster and StairClimber machines used in both home and commercial fitness settings.

The StairMaster continues to be one of the most popular pieces of cardiovascular exercise machines in the majority of commercial gyms across the globe. It is heavily used by professional bodybuilders, physique competitors, and fitness models in preparation for local and national competitions. Unlike other pieces of traditional cardiovascular exercise equipment, the StairMaster provides a unique workout challenge by simulating the movement of walking up a flight of stairs. Exercising on the StairMaster can appear to be very intimidating and grueling. This form of high intensity exercise differs greatly from traditional aerobic conditioning workouts performed on machines like the treadmill (running, jogging, sprinting, etc.), the row machine, the stationary bike, and the elliptical machine because the StairMaster requires more utilization of lower body strength. Those who use the StairMaster on a frequent basis will burn more calories and will consequently see a remarkable difference in their bodies. The StairMaster is also a great machine to use for competitive athletes who are looking to improve their overall endurance and strength in their lower body.

Updated Models
Newer models of the StairMaster StepMill come with an innovate interface that provides individuals with a variety of pre-programmed workouts designed to maximize the intensity and results. Some options include interval training, fat burn, and calorie burn. The newest models also come equipped with embedded high-definition flat screen monitors that allow individuals to watch television while exercising. Models also include cable inputs for heart rate monitors to provide users with more accurate heart rate and caloric burn information.

The StairMaster StepMil will continue to be one of the most utilized exercise machines in the gym. It carries the reputation of being a great and challenging way to immediately get in shape, build endurance, transform physique, and burn a large amount of calories compared to other cardio exercise routines.


This article was composed by Joshua Brenner, a freelance writer who focuses on exercise & dieting, nutritional science, medicine, herbal supplements, liquid vitamins and other assorted topics. Those interested in learning about other workout machines should view the spin bikes from Orbit Fitness.

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