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5 Ways to Keep Pets From Ruining Your Apartment

Ah, pets–they’re a part of the family, but they can wreak havoc on an apartment. In turn, renters risk not getting their deposit back, or even being sued for damages. This doesn’t mean renters can have Fido, but it does mean that some precautions should be taken. Here are 5 ways to have a furry friend and a clean, undamaged apartment.

#1. Training, Training, Training

Whether it’s diligent crate training or taking pets to a professional, a well-trained dog is a requirement when living in an apartment. Trained dogs don’t chew at walls, dig at carpet or go places they shouldn’t. While every pet owner (and pet) can benefit from training, it’s essential to keep a pet from ruining rented property.

#2. Be Generous with Toys and Attention

Dogs especially chew on things when they’re stressed out or bored. Make sure Rover has plenty of chew toys so that he doesn’t opt for the carpet on the stairs instead. It’s also crucial to make sure that a person has enough time and attention to give to a dog–otherwise, it’s rather cruel. At least one person in the family should work from home, or a daily dog walker should be on the payroll.

#3. Groom Carefully

Clogged drains can cause serious plumbing problems–and if it’s discovered that the damages are from hair, renters can be held responsible. Drains can get clogged from just humans in the shower, so bathing dogs there can present a real challenge. Post-bath, pour boiling water down the drain followed by a liquid drain cleaner. Another option is to depend on a professional groomer.

#4. Start Potty Training or Litter Training ASAP

Animal waste is a very difficult stain and odor to remove and sometimes it’s impossible. Both dogs and cats need to be well-trained when it comes to where to use the bathroom. Unfortunately, sometimes this just isn’t possible (especially with cats). Stay committed, go to a professional if needed and understand that an apartment with carpets is a higher-risk zone than easy to clean hard floors.

#5. Be Mindful of Curtains

Both dogs and cats like to check out what’s happening outside. That’s normal, but it can be disastrous if there are curtains or blinds owned by the landlord. It’s possible to try to train this behavior out of them, but a better option is to keep the curtains pulled aside or the blinds raised just enough so pets won’t be able to touch them.

Having a pet is a wonderful experience, but trouble can start brewing in rented apartments. Some communities, such as, lets renters field out apartments that welcome pets. Start with a pet-friendly apartment and finish up with these tips for a stress-free life with a furry friend.

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