If you watch the news, you’ve probably seen some pretty nasty things said about pit bulls – about how they’re ruthless killers, dangerous, not fit to be around humans. What the news media won’t tell you, however, is that prior to the 1980s pit bulls were seen as “America’s Dog”, and that 86.8 percent of pit bulls pass their temperament tests – they rank number four out of the 122 breeds tested, better than collies, golden retrievers and beagles.


With this infographic, National Geographic hopes to dispel some of the vicious rumors behind this normally sweet and loyal breed of dogs. What are your thoughts on pit bulls? Do you think the news media portrays them unfairly, or do you think there’s truth to the accusations? Check out this infographic for surprising facts about the dogs, and be sure to make your voice heard in the comments!

pit bulls


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