You have the right to remain stupid—I mean silent—in America. Some of our laws are just downright bizarre. In Colorado, for example, if a person owns, possesses, or controls cows, goats, llamas, burros, mules, horses, pigs, or sheep, he or she must not allow the animals to graze, pasture, or run on city property without a permit. Things get even weirder in Washington—the state found it necessary to establish a law making it illegal to harass Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

The bizarreness doesn’t end there. In Kentucky, one may not dye a duckling blue and offer it for sale—unless, of course, more than six are for sale at once. If you have political ambitions and you live in Tennessee, you’ll want to avoid participating in a duel. Duelling in Tennessee means that you’ll be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor, and you’ll be punished as the Legislature sees fit. Minnesota residents with even numbered addresses may not water their plants on odd-numbered days, excluding the first thirty days where it applies.

Want to see more strange American laws that will leave you scratching your head? Check out the infographic below presented by Best Paralegal Schools Online.



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