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Phil Jackson Joins Twitter

Coach Phil Jackson has joined Twitter – that’s a good thing.

Whatever device he uses to type on – that’s the funny thing!


Need to work on that auto-correct Phil!

Check out his first, and only tweet thus far.

The homepage link on his profile page goes to – where Coach Jackson is promoting his book, Eleven Rings (quite convenient).


In Eleven Rings, Jackson candidly describes how he:

  • Learned the secrets of mindfulness and team chemistry while playing for the champion New York Knicks in the 1970s
  • Managed Michael Jordan, the greatest player in the world, and got him to embrace selflessness, even if it meant losing a scoring title
  • Forged successful teams out of players of varying abilities by getting them to trust one another and perform in sync
  • Inspired Dennis Rodman and other “uncoachable” personalities to devote themselves to something larger than themselves
  • Transformed Kobe Bryant from a rebellious teenager into a mature leader of a championship team.

H/T to @lagilliland1 for letting me know about Jackson’s tweet.