The word “nerd” is no longer an insult. Today’s nerds are cool, stylish, and obviously sophisticated or they wouldn’t be considered nerds. When it comes to magazine subscriptions, nerds are picky. It takes a different class of magazine to pass the intense geek grade. The following is a list of seven magazines that meet the studious standards of nerd reading.

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1. National Geographic

This is the gold (actually yellow) standard. Most nerds are raised on National Geographic. If a nerd doesn’t have this photo heavy magazine subscription, then their geek status is in question.

2. Popular Science

Pretty much goes without saying that Popular Science attracts nerds from miles around. It is written by and made for nerds. Where else can the elements of biochemical engineering and the techniques behind brain wave algorithms be read in the same magazine?

3. Wired

Wired is the magazine subscription for the new nerd generation. It combines hip tech with geek chic. If a nerd wants to read up on current technology trends or find reviews of the latest video game release, Wired is the go to magazine.

4. Smithsonian

This isn’t grandpa’s magazine anymore. Because of its recent swing toward the technology mindset, Smithsonian Magazine has been adopted by nerds the world over. With its in depth articles covering everything from computer science to space technology, its no wonder nerds are grabbing this magazine off the shelves.

5. Scientific American

Believe it or not, this periodical is specifically made for working scientists. Doesn’t get more nerd than that. Scientific American is loaded with information the geeks love and the layman’s don’t understand. Keep in mind an absolute passion for all things science is a prerequisite for this magazine.

6. Maximum PC

It’s everything that has to do with personal computers (and Macs too). There isn’t a nerd out there that hasn’t at least flipped through a few pages of this magazine. Maximum PC covers anything imaginable as long as it relates to computers and the technology behind them.

7. 2600: The Hacker Quarterly

The Hacker Quarterly Magazine has been in business since the first mega computer crunched a simple equation. Not to be taken too seriously, 2600 is the ultimate nerd guide to being a master cyberpunk.

From technology to science, nerd magazines cover the spectrum. They inform, entertain, and enlighten the studious side of society. So whether nerd or geek , the magazines listed above stand up to the test. That’s not to say regular society isn’t capable of reading these magazine subscriptions too. But, somewhere a nerd will be laughing.



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