The Aventador Roadster, by Lamborghini, is an automotive spectacle that has car enthusiasts drooling. It really is the most exhilarating car ever built, and Lamborghini has done an outstanding job setting the Aventador up as the successor to the popular Murcielago Roadster. The new Aventador has a sticker price that’s over $100,000 more than the Murcielago ($319,250 vs. $445,000+). You really do get what you pay for however. Compared to the Murcielago’s 630 HP V-12 engine, the new Aventador boasts a more robust 691 HP V-12 engine. The vehicle’s central spinal column on the engine hood with two pairs of hexagonal windows cools the engine, properly drains rainwater, and allows the engine to be admired.

While the Murcielago offers a 6-speed manual transmission, the new Aventador Roadster features a 7-speed e-gear transmission with an automatic mode option. The vehicle can go 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds and hit a top of speed of 217 mph, which makes the Aventador the first automobile to travel faster than an airplane!

To learn more about how the Aventador tops the Murcielago across the board, check out the infographic below presented by Lamborghini North Los Angeles.


The Most Exhilarating Car Ever Built [Infographic] 1


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