The beautiful animations highlighted by Alex Wain of may have opened the door to a new form of modern design ? this new movement would focus on neon signs like those seen on Las Vegas Boulevard and the Sunset Strip.

The animator and illustrator, who goes by Mr Whaite, has created a series of animations that put a new twist on classic films, by taking favorite scenes from movies like Pulp Fiction and GhostBusters and adapting them into animated neon sign replicas, thus creating a startling, glowing work of 2D art.

Also highlighted on, these posts may lead us toward a new and exciting future for movie advertising: signage that glows in the dark. Especially effective for old favorites and classic movie showings, these signs are creative and eye-catching. The following were a few favorite adaptations, that truly encapsulated the spirit of the films.

Five Favorite Neon Sign Adaptations

  1. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho With Norman Bates as the focus, and the iconic Bates Motel sign in the background, the real charm in this piece is in the appropriate eeriness; as Mr. Bates stabs a large knife into the title, the motel sign reads Vacancy.

  2. Batman This sign is a true work of artistic genius. First the viewer sees the simplistic Batman symbol, lit in yellow. Next, they are confronted by the face of the joker ? the Batman symbol flickering red and becoming his scarred smile.

  3. Jaws This sign features one of the most famous scenes in American film; it shows just a pair of kicking legs underneath the water, no shark in sight. Though it doesn’t play the theme, this sign gets the heart pumping a few beats quicker.

  4. Pulp Fiction Is there a more glorious moment in Pulp Fiction that the Twist dance contest? Mr Whaite’s representation of this film shows John Travolta and Uma Thurman, in her black and white ensemble, doing the twist atop the glowing title.

  5. GhostBusters Perhaps the cutest of these neon artworks, this sign highlights the GhostBusters, of course, sucking a perturbed looking green ghost into their backpacks.

Have a favorite film in mind? Mr Whaite takes recommendations on Tumblr and Twitter. Or, if you are ready to follow Mr Whaite’s example, design your own neon signage with sites like NeonSigns4You, which has common neons for businesses thinking about an upgrade, as well as a customization option for those looking to exercise their artistic genius.


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