In 2012, Americans spent $4.6 billion celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Ten percent of that was spend on beer for the 20 percent of Americans who celebrate the holiday by drinking alcohol.

Guinness is the drink of choice on the big day — 13 million pints are consumed on the day. Compare that to the 5.5 million pints consumed on a normal day. Unfortunately, some people go overboard with the beer.

In 2009, 103 traffic deaths occurred on St. Patrick’s Day. Of those, 47 people were killed in crashes that involved at least one driver with blood alcohol content over the legal limit. Binge drinking is another dangerous activity that gets out of hand on St. Patrick’s Day. More than 38 million U.S. adults are binge drinkers and most lie between the ages of 18 and 34. Drinking too much contributes to more than 54 injures and diseased, including those related to car crashes, violence, and STDs.

In this infographic, takes a look at St. Patrick’s Day and the danger of partying too hard.
St. Patrick’s Day

From: Bankrate Insurance’s

St. Patrick's Day Parade of Facts [Infographic] 1


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