As the years roll by technology is helping to advance every aspect of human life. We are seeing some of the futuristic things of tomorrow, become the reality of today. This even applies to our homes that we have come to know and love. We’ve all seen futuristic homes on television that fill our head with delusions of grander about what houses will look like in the near future. But really, how far off are we from those ideas becoming a reality? Houses these days are being built quicker than ever and the pace does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Homes these days are being built more energy conservative with about 42 percent of the electric bill coming from heating and cooling. Well in the future that number is projected to go down with the rise of things such as the digital thermostat. Also new homes are being built with old material that has been recycled from other places all in effort to help homes become more green and less wasteful.

As we make our way into tomorrow land there are still plenty of improvements that we have yet to see happen. But this info-graphic presented by lets you take a look at what is next to come with the future of home building.

Homes of the Future

Homes Of The Future 1


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