Acceptance doesn’t always come without cost. In fact, if you are a college freshman going through the process of joining a fraternity, you should expect to be subjected to the performance of strenuous, humiliating, or even dangerous tasks before you can be considered a part of the group.

The popular term for this process is “hazing,” and it doesn’t just happen in college fraternities. Researchers have also found instances of hazing rituals being performed at the military level for new recruits as well as in other exclusive groups. Clearly this process of initiation runs rampant behind the closed doors of society, but why are so many inclined to involve themselves in such cruel acts?

From a psychological perspective, college students generally have an illusion of control during hazing rituals such as water overdose or alcohol chugging. They feel a false sense of security when performing such dangerous acts although results could easily be fatal.

Check out the infographic below presented by to learn more about the psychology of hazing.

The Psychology of Hazing
Source: The Psychology of Hazing


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