Britain’s Best Winter Destinations

Just when it seemed as though the Great British winter couldn’t get any bleaker, thousands of UK families have once again had to cancel their winter holiday plans entirely due to another trying year’s financial woes. However, the good news is that those still intent on finding the silver lining in this rather grey cloud  may indeed be able to find exactly that right here.

True, we’re not exactly going to be able to rival the Caribbean in terms of glorious sunshine, but there are so many hotspots of another kind scattered all over the UK guaranteed to take the sting out of an otherwise biting winter.


Why not embrace the very best of stereotypical British weather and take a wander through Cumbria – officially the wettest place in all of the UK? Of course, it doesn’t rain 24/7 here but chances are you’ll never be far away from the sights and sounds of the wet stuff, be it in the form of streams, rivers, waterfalls and so on. Ambleside is without question one of the most beautiful villages in the UK, representing everything that makes the Lake District a world-famous holiday destination.

So, why visit in winter, you ask? Simple – the winter months bring in massively lower tourist numbers, which means all the space in the world on the hills to yourself, no fighting for tables in the local pubs, abundantly available (and cheap) lodgings and far cheaper connections to and from anywhere in the UK. What’s more, this is somewhere you go and expect it to rain, so it doesn’t spoil your holiday when it does!


Brits dream of a white Christmas every year and never fail to be surprised when they get nothing of the sort – despite the fact that it’s getting on for 30 years now since the last one was officially recorded! In Scotland on the other hand it’s a different story, with the Cairngorms for example “enjoying” an average of around 100 snowy days every year. Guarantees of the most extreme weather in the UK may not seem everyone’s cup of tea, but you’re going to make the most of the winter, you might as well do it properly.

From some of the most beautiful skiing opportunities in the world to rare wildlife watching to guided hikes to helicopter tours and pretty much everything else besides, you’d be surprised what you’ll find north of the border.


Some people seem to think that the Devon and Cornwall coast ceases to exists outside the summer months – it most certainly does not. Historical figures argued that winter in the South West of England is winter by way of name only – illustrated in spades by the olive groves, palms and bananas happily growing all year-round in this microclimate all of its own. Does it get cold? Sure it does, but it’s still amazing the way the very Cornish holiday cottages  best can make a winter break in the UK feel like a summer in New England.

And even if the closest you end up getting to the beach is gazing out to sea from the safety of the indoors next to a roaring fire, really…what more could you want from a bargain winter break?

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