5 Companies Dominating Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos have become an increasingly lucrative business. Online card games may be add-ons to a brick-and-mortar casino’s revenue and taxable by the governments that support them. Various locations have differing jurisdictions and laws regarding online gaming, so make sure to research how winnings are tax, learn age restrictions, and check to make sure winnings are distributed safely.

1. Zynga

This gaming app goliath is a constant presence on Facebook, where gamers invite friends to join in games for incentives. They are paving the way within US legislation to make online gaming a widespread and popular recreation. From poker to blackjack, users can access games easily from their mobile phones or tablets.

2. Big Fish Games

This Seattle-based app company is making big strides in giving iOS users access to real-money and virtual currency gambling, with slots, poker, roulette, and more. Games that are popular in Las Vegas casinos are now playable by UK citizens, with greater expansions planned. Big Fish is definitely a company to keep an eye on for future developments.

3. Unibet

In 2012, Unibet acquired mobile gaming giant Bet24, which was providing online gambling to gamers in over 14 different countries. Now users can play live and place sports bets on games played all over the world. From football wagers to hockey and basketball, sports fans can rejoice with the variety of bet options available through Unibet. Odds for dozens of sports are represented on their mobile site, including futsal, snooker, and winter sports. This highly successful gaming company has netted over £51.12 million, or $82.6 million, over their 2012 fiscal year.

4. Jackpotjoy

The immense success of Jackpotjoy’s Facebook app has brought social media gaming under scrutiny from business new writers. Gamers based in the UK are able to jump into a game for as little as 10p, with popular game themes like Bejeweled Bingo, Super Snap, and more. Their Friendzy app has drawn attention from critics, who say the fluffy, fuzzy mascots may draw children to play these games. However, the company’s robust age verification checkpoints should deter underage players from joining.

5. PokerStars

With phenomenal traffic results, PokerStars has drawn over 50 million players internationally. Game offerings include Fast Fold Hold-Em, Razz, Badugi, and more. A yearly revenue of over $1.4 billion has crowned PokerStars as one of the top grossing and frequented mobile gambling sites online. Players can unwind after a long day by checking out their card room offerings.

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