Have you ever seen the show “Scandal” on ABC? The show explores personal and professional
intrigue at a Washington, DC crisis firm set among the goings-on in the nation’s capital. Throughout
the show, several characters experience life changing moments, including terminal cancer, gunshot
wounds, giving birth and adopting a child. But how do the numbers stack up? Careful, SPOILERS

This infographic, presented by InsuranceQuotes.com, goes into the specifics behind some of the events experienced by the characters in the show. For instance, in one season a character suffers from multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head. According to the infographic, there were 73,883 non-fatal injuries in the US, costing an average $48,610 each.

If you’ve ever wanted to dig deeper into the events of the show “Scandal”, this infographic is the
perfect place to start! But remember: spoilers abound, so be careful if you don’t want to know what
happens next! Have you ever seen the show? Be sure to tell us your favorite parts in the comments!

ABC’s Scandal

From: Bankrate Insurance’s InsuranceQuotes.com


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