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6 Great Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

Many argue that holidays such as Mother’s Day are more about generating commercial revenue and that showing appreciation for mothers should be a continuous endeavor rather than one big splash on one designated day of the year. While it is true that the gratitude for mothers and all they do for their families shouldn’t be ignored for the other 364 days of the year, Mother’s Day is still a great opportunity to take a special moment and acknowledge the wonder-being that is Mom.

Getting Mom to take that special moment for herself, however, is often the most difficult part about giving a Mother’s Day gift. Many times mothers will insist they don’t need or want anything or perhaps they may try to dodge the issue by throwing family members off with a request such as, “I would like new custom blinds for my windows,” or “Socks.” Below are six gift ideas ranging from the traditional to the unique that can fit any mom and (almost) any excuse.

Decorative Whimsy

While it may not be very practical to actually show up with new custom blinds, some sort of decorative element for her home is a thoughtful alternative. A plush throw can add a touch of luxury to any living room, vases offer infinite design options and opportunities, family photos can be placed in an equally infinite array of frames, and little artwork pieces can showcase both personality and taste.


Moms can be incredibly, even impossibly busy people. Since kidnapping them and shipping them off against their will is sometimes frowned upon, treat them to some spa pampering. A package for a massage, facial, and manicure, or even an organic home spa kit, will allow them to indulge in some much needed rest and relaxation.

  • A great addition to a spa day, or even as a stand-alone gift, is breakfast in bed. They will love this leisurely start to their day (and probably love the fact that they don’t have to do the dishes even more).

  • A gift certificate for a wine tasting or a winery tour is another fun stay-cation idea. If wineries aren’t a local feature, restaurants often host wine tastings complete with sumptuous food pairings.

For the Adventurous Spirit

Looking for something out of the box with an emphatic Wow Factor? Try gifting a hot air balloon ride. The views will be beautiful and the exhilaration unforgettable.

The Tried and True

While coming up with custom gifts and unique activities for moms to do can be a fun and different way to celebrate, the value of thoughtful flowers, gift baskets, edible goodies, and personalized trinkets such as jewelry, cards, and homemade items is no less. Above all, mothers love their families and perhaps the best gift she could be given is time with said beloved family.

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