Hospitals aren’t all big business. They actually do have a human side, and most of those who make the decision to pursue a career in healthcare have only the best intentions in mind. For these people, the satisfaction that comes from caring for individuals trumps any paycheck, although they usually bring in significant amounts of cash depending on which position they take on. It truly does take a special type of person to deal with the stresses involved with patient care.

Many physicians use subtle techniques, such as sitting down when talking to patients, that make themselves seem more personable. In fact, nurses actually spend around 21-31 percent of their time at the bedside of patients. They even utilize a “Care Board” which allows patients to record things they deem to be most important to them each day they are in the hospital.

These subtle efforts don’t just translate into better patient morale. Hospitals also stand to profit from happy patients through a program called HCAHPS, which measures overall satisfaction of patients during their stay. Money is redistributed back to hospitals based on how well they perform on their HCAHPS, so obviously morale is a top priority for everyone within this healthcare sector.

Check out the infographic below presented by to learn more about the human side of healthcare.

The Human Side of Healthcare
Image compliments of Healthcare Administration Degree Programs



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