When a new college student decides they’d like to focus on a Liberal Arts degree, they may be met with resistance from their parents.  After all, there is a certain stigma associated with Liberal Arts and people often fear that such a degree would be money and time spent for nothing. Parents may be concerned that their children will be excellent college students only to be faced with a harsh reality upon graduation. The reality of only being able to find a job flipping hamburgers or bagging groceries is a bitter pill for many college graduates.


One upside and downside of a Liberal Arts major is that one is not required to focus on a single industry. In fact, only 20 percent of Liberal Arts graduates can pinpoint their focus. However, that leaves the door open for many different kinds of employment and, with the right tools, there is hope that a Liberal Arts graduate can do precisely what they set out to do from the start.

To find out more about how to optimize a Liberal Arts degree, take a look at this infographic, brought to you by BestLiberalArtscolleges.org.

Liberal Arts Degrees: Can They Still Get You a Job?
Image source: www.bestliberalartscolleges.org


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