Not all companies are focused solely on profits—Google, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson are globally recognized corporations that have a real human side to them.

Google offers its employees 15-25 days of paid vacation time per year as well as five full months of paid maternity leave. It’s refreshing to know that the company actively encourages employees to work from home and have family friendly schedules. You may be surprised to learn that Google encourages employees to use 20 percent of their paid time volunteering, going to an organized on campus event, or doing other activities “outside their core duties.”

The chip maker Intel offers employees 15-20 days of paid vacation time along with access to fitness centers with exercise centers and on-site spas. Employees spent over 1 million hours volunteering in 2012.

Johnson & Johnson gives its employees a full 30 days of vacation time per year. The company is partnered with AmeriCares, and there was a joint effort to deliver more than $145,000 in Johnson & Johnson products to Sandy victims as well hygiene kits to survivors within only days after the storm.

To learn more details about how each of these companies has a human element, take a look at the infographic below.

More Than Money: The Human Side of Business
Image compliments of Best Business Schools

The Human Side of Google, Intel, and Johnson & Johnson [Infographic] 1


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