A person who is considering the occupation of handyman may have a lot of questions about this line of work. The following looks at the job responsibilities of a handyman, the character traits that help a person to succeed in this occupation, and the benefits of this career along with other pertinent details.

What is a Handyman?

The general definition of a handyman is someone who conducts repairs in people’s homes. A handyman may fix a broken garbage disposal, replace a part in a toilet, fix a doorbell, or unclog a kitchen or bathroom sink. These are just a few of the tasks a handyman can do. One of the things that makes a handyman so valuable is that he can conduct a variety of repairs and take care of other jobs in a home. These are jobs that don’t require extensive repairs, but they do need to be done. A handyman is multi-talented when it comes to fixing things in a home.

Favorable Character Traits in a Handyman

A successful handyman is trustworthy. A handyman works inside people’s homes and comes in contact with a homeowner’s possessions. This person must nurture a reputation for being trustworthy. A handyman must also arrive on-time to work assignments. This is a sign of professionalism that will be appreciated by homeowners. A handyman should also offer homeowners reliable and thorough work. A successful handyman stands behind the quality of his work.

The Benefits of Working as a Handyman

One of the best parts of being a handyman is that the work is different everyday. For instance, if a person works in one particular neighborhood he may fix a garbage disposal one day and spend the next day replacing an area of water damaged carpet in a living room. A person who loves variety in his work would likely enjoy being a handyman. In addition, a handyman usually sets his own hours. He may work during regular business hours or find himself making a repair late into the night. A handyman’s work hours depend on the specific job and the needs of a homeowner.

Finding Job Opportunities as a Handyman

A handyman can find work in many ways. One way is to advertise in the local newspaper or put up fliers in some nearby neighborhoods. Sometimes a handyman can get a job working for a homeowner’s association that has charge of a group of townhouses or condos. A handyman can join an association like the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals to learn about work opportunities. One of the best ways a handyman can find work is to conduct successful repairs on neighbor’s houses. Word-of-mouth is an effective way for a handyman to become sought after for his skillful repairs.

Salary of a Handyman

The salary of a handyman varies from situation to situation. For instance, a handyman with ten years of experience behind him along with a long list of satisfied customers will make more than someone who is just starting out in the occupation. A handyman who is just beginning in the career may want to establish an hourly rate of around $15.00. Of course, if a repair job requires that a handyman buys materials those must be paid for by the homeowner. This may seem like a low hourly rate, but it is more important for a handyman to focus on establishing a reputation for dependable work.

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