One of the current most popular ad strategies on the web is what is known as retargeted advertising. Retargeting allows your ads to basically “follow” users as they browse the internet, bringing them back to your page and, more importantly, keeping your brand in front of their eyes and in their minds. Web-based advertising platform Adroll integrates with all major ad exchanges, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, appnexus and, as of 2012, social media goliath Facebook.

This infographic provides data comparing standard ad retargeting through Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL, appnexus, with ad retargeting via Facebook Exchange. Not surprisingly, standard retargeting differs from Facebook in a number of ways, from the types of media possible to the size of the advertisements themselves. It also details performance statistics of the two methods, including CPM, CPC, CTR and cost / unique. So which is the better strategy? Check out the infographic to find out!



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