There are many misconceptions about poker players. Many people see them as gamblers with good luck and miss all of the skill and strategy that is required to be a good poker player. There is even a complex mathematical strategy which professionals use. A casual poker player may be in it for the fun and the chance, but the more serious a player is the more calculated their game will be.

This kind of skill can be seen in the world’s greatest poker players. These players proved time and time again that poker is more than just a casino game that tourists lose money at because of their “bad luck,” it’s a game that demands concentration, analyzing, and calculating not only the move but how to play the cards and fool the opponent. Here are the five best players in history, the ones who make it look easy:

  1. Johnny Moss: Johnny Moss is a player that comes to mind when you think of classic champions. In the 1970s he won the World Series of Poker twice– once in 1971 when he was the first ever winner of the event and again in ‘74. Johnny learned to play poker as a kid and later went to work at a local saloon to watch over the poker players. From there he went on to build his career as one of the greatest players of all time. The poker world was sad to lose him in 1995 after his many successes and true cultivation of the current poker industry.
  2. Phil Ivey: This name comes up time and time again. Ivey is one of the youngest players to see such successes in poker, having earned 8 bracelets at the World Series of Poker and winning over 20 million dollars during his career so far. Other players consider him to be one of the toughest opponents and one of the best as far as cash winnings.
  3. Stu Ungar: Stu isn’t just a great poker player but has also proved his skill at gin rummy, and is often called the greatest gin rummy and texas hold ‘em player of all time. He matched Johnny Moss in World Series wins and won the Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker three times.
  4. Phil Hellmuth: Phil is a wild card. He is as much personality as he is player. Luckily for him his game speaks for itself. He currently holds the record in the World Series of Poker for having earned 11 bracelets. He even won the main game in the World Series in 1989. Even though he is known for his dramatic, he is also seen as an amazing player.
  5. Doyle Brunson: While Phil Hellmuth might be the record holder in the World Series, Doyle Brunson is chasing his heels with just one less bracelet win. His contributions to the poker world even includes a hand named after him.

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