Are you concerned about the safety of your food when you eat out? If you live in the Big Apple, chances are you might be – complaints to the NYC Department of Health show that 70 percent of New Yorkers are concerned about getting sick when eating out. And with foodborne illnesses causing 20,000 emergency room visits resulting in 6,000 hospitalizations every year, it’s no wonder!

To combat insecurity about food safety, NYC public health officials have developed a letter grade system to help consumers learn more about the safety of their favorite restaurants. The goals of the letter grade system are to inform the public about restaurant inspection results, to improve sanitary conditions and food safety practices and to reduce illnesses associated with dining out. This infographic shows the results of the measure, and lists a few details on some of the top players in the city.

How does your favorite restaurant stack up? Check out the infographic for more information on the letter grade system, then let us know how yours did in the comments!


Eating Safely in the Big Apple [Infographic] 1


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