Hate and love are two very strong emotions that people feel. In this case, we will be taking a look at how people feel about companies. Whether you love them or hate them, companies have learned to thrive in this economy. In America there are certain companies that fit the profile of being hated or loved more than others.


Almost everyone is the country knows what Wal-mart is, because they are basically everywhere. People are always indifferent about them and either love or hate them, but surprisingly, Wal-mart is not the most hated company in America. The number one most hated spot belongs to a company by the name of Phillip Morris. Despite being hated for their focus in the tobacco industry, their stock has still risen 95% over the past three years. A company that is good for investors but bad for humanity, they play a hand in the 400,000 tobacco related deaths in America each year.

On the flip side of the spectrum, Apple has risen to the top of the list that Americans love. Even though they manufacture in china, they have still helped create over 50,000 American jobs. With a strong love from the general population, investors are wary about the company due to their 18 percent stock drop.

Whether or not you like a company is a personal opinion that each person forms themselves. However, regardless of the situation, many of these companies have learned to thrive with or without the approval from the general population. Do you love or hate the companies in the infographic below?

America's Most Hated Companies (That Investors Love)
Source: Great Business Schools


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