HR managers tend to get swamped after posting a new job listing. One in four receive 50 resumes per job listing while one in 10 receive 100 resumes to sort through and review. As you can imagine, hiring managers often briefly skim through resumes and look for key items. Most of them appreciate resumes that highlight relevant experience and specific accomplishments. They also prefer resumes to be customized to the open position.

If you want to focus on certain keywords to target in your resume, consider the following: “problem solving,” “leadership,” “oral/written communication,” “team building,” and “performance and productivity improvement.” Now, how can you make your resume juicier and sexier? Summarizing key points is far more attractive than babbling on and on—highlight in a tight, compact manner your accomplishments, experience, and unique value. Confidence is sexy, but cockiness isn’t! Remember to discuss your positive attributes, but be careful not to go overboard.

It’s such a turn off if you appear unprofessional in your resume. To learn more about other turn offs and more ways to make your resume sexy, check out the infographic below.

The Anatomy Of A Great Resume
Source: Top Counseling Schools


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