Many different thoughts come to mind when one is speaking about culture.  The personalities and norms that define a culture are extremely important, especially in the workplace.  Although this is true, oftentimes employees find themselves dissatisfied with their own corporate culture and tend to lack initiative and loyalty to the business.

What can employers do to foster a creative and exciting culture in the workplace? One suggestion is to learn from those who already do this very well. There are many large corporations that are pursuing a corporate culture of excellence and fun like Pixar, Patagonia, and Google, just to name a few.  They have figured out what spurs their employees on toward accomplishing incredible things, such as huts to work in instead of cubicles and bikes to ride throughout the offices. Also noteworthy, Pixar has a room filled with different kinds of cereal. Talk about inspiring!

To find out more interesting and innovative ideas for improving the corporate culture mindset in your office , check out this infographic presented by HumanResourcesMBA.

Corporate Culture Mindset

Corporate Culture Mindset [Infographic] 1


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