Computer users are going mobile with the availability of smartphones and tablets. There are currently more than 1.038 billion smartphones in use and media tablet sales reached 118.9 million in 2012. Tablet sales are estimated to reach 369.2 million by 2016. With 1 out of every 6.7 people in the world carrying a smartphone in their pocket, it’s no wonder that the web is on the move. Google estimates that by 2013, more people will use mobile phones than desktop PCs to go online and these users are five times more likely to abandon a task if the site isn’t mobile-friendly.

In this infographic, Moovweb explores the ways in which mobile consumers are using their smartphones. They are using their handhelds to do more than just surf the web. Users are shopping on Amazon and ebay; buying tickets for flights, rail and bus travel, festivals, movies and sporting events; and even managing their insurance, financial services and healthcare. Still, more than 52 percent of surveyed retailers have not yet optimized their websites for mobile use. The Post-PC Revolution has taken off. Are you on board?


The Post-PC Revolution [Infographic] 1


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