The current state of online content consumption is very different than it was just a few years ago. When you consider that the number of Internet users worldwide in 2013 (2.27 billion) has reached almost twice what it was just a few years ago (1.15 billion), this should come as no surprise. The amount of time it takes to generate five billion gigabytes of data worldwide is currently two days. By next year, it’ll take a mere 10 seconds to generate this level of data.

During the old days (2000-2005), we consumed video content through Windows Media Player, Real Player, and Quicktime. Today, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video consumption. The videos we watch online today are significantly improved in terms of quality and many are in HD. It’s also possible to quickly share videos to masses through social buttons and embed codes.

The state of music consumption has changed dramatically as well. With 2000-2010 technology, the average download time for a four minute song using broadband was 15 minutes—today it’s between four and 30 seconds. We make use of streaming music and pay-per-download as well instead of the peer to peer sharing from the past.

To learn more about the state of content consumption today, check out the infographic below brought to us by Torchbrowser!



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