The toothless smile, the soft hands only big enough to grip one of your fingers, and the harmless drool that people only tolerate because they know they can’t help it. Yes, babies, everyone’s little bundle of joy! Almost everyone falls weak at the knees to the smile of a chunky, newborn baby. Mothers in the U.S. love their babies and many can recall just about every moment within the nine month span of being pregnant with their pride and joy. Millions of pregnancies occur every year in America and mothers all across the country can relate to one another, but even though some aspects of pregnancy are beautiful, others lean toward the ugly side of things.

With about six million pregnancies happening every year in the U.S, only about four million of those actually result in live births, with the other two million being lost due to things such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies. These tragedies can effect a mother to be heavily with things such as postpartum depression which about 11% of mothers suffer. In the U.S., the infant death rate is 639 deaths per 100,000 births, with Mississippi ranking as the number one state for infant death rate.

All of the live births in the U.S. result in Americans using about 27 million disposable diapers every year. Out of all those four million live births as mentioned above, only three percent of them result in twins, so if you’re hoping for twice the fun, your chances are slim.

Pregnancies in the U.S. are happening everyday as pregnancy rates are on the rise with mothers beginning to be younger in age. This infographic presented by InsuranceQuotes takes a look at many statistics of pregnancy within the U.S, both the good and the bad.







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